as-sur-ance (uh-shoor-uhns) noun
1. a positive declaration intended to give confidence
2. promise or pledge; guaranty; surety
3. full confidence; freedom from doubt; certainty


DODC guarantees all design projects undertaken by the design studio will follow our Assurance Process.

The foundations of this process have been created from the diverse experience and knowledge gained by Dana Orth during her professional career.

The reason for creating this process is to assure, that as our client you will have an understanding of what you can expect from DODC & be satisfied by the level of attention and services provided.

The Assurance Process is based on the following Stages of Design, applying our Principles & finally by providing Guidance through out the whole project.

This process is followed on all projects no matter what their scale:


During the staged design process you can expect and be assured that DODC will consistently apply the following principles to your project:


DODC will also be able to provide you with guidance & information relating to:

Meetings will be held when necessary not only for concept development, approval of schemes and documentation but also to be able to help navigate you through & streamline the design process, giving you the information you need to know when dealing with suppliers, tradespeople, jargon, delays, compromises, timing & availability.



To commence with the initial concept stage of the design process a brief needs to be provided by the client & the brief should include:

A time frame to further work on the brief development may be needed to confirm the project direction and to build trust with DODC & the process, given that this process will be detailed & customised to your requirements.

We recommend that as many decisions are made prior to works commencing, this will be beneficial to the construction process.

There will be decisions you can make, consider without pressure and settle prior to any works commencing.
However there will be scenarios that arise during the works that need answers in a short time frame.

The least amount of decisions you need to make “on the run” the less pressure on yourself and the more considered your project will be.

DODC strongly recommends that all jobs are fully documented. Comprehensive documentation provides a clear & detailed “path” to any construction process, for the client, consultants and the tradespeople.

It eliminates the potential for confusion, unnecessary compromise & expenditure if all parties are reading off the same current documentation. It is a false savings to not document design work and finishes selections.


We request adherence to the DODC payment terms. These terms are provided along with fee estimates on all jobs.

Our vision is to Collaborate with our clients to produce creative, unique & considered design with professionalism that makes the process inspiring & easy to navigate.